We turn business requirements into software. We are conversant with all aspects of the development cycle. Our mainstay is the development of bespoke software on the the IBM System i Platform using CA 2E. This is what we have been doing for 20+ years. We are equally at home developing new applications as we are delving into legacy applications.

Development using whatever you want

We certainly don't play all the instruments but we understand the music. We are an asset to any development environment even when the technology in use is not currently part of our skill set... yet.

» Interests

All aspects of software development are of interest to us. When developing, we prefer the more iterative methodology offered by the current agile models. The tools in use can range from heavy duty analysis tools e.g. Enterprise Architect or lighter, information gathering and structuring tools e.g. Mind Manager.

On a technical front we have looked at and are interested in Ruby on Rails for data driven Website development, Cocoa for Website, iPhone and iPad development.

» Maturity

In software change is omnipresent, a persistent force. From this results the necessity to constantly combine existing knowledge with the new, to mature. Learning on the fly. We are happy to embrace any technical platform we may be challenged with, even if its for the first time.

Here is a list of all we have come into contact with over the years, sometimes peripherally, sometimes very deeply. We are always happy to add to this list.

Java, Ruby on Rails, Cocoa, MVC, Objective-C, RPGIII, free RPG, SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Eclipse, Textmate, COBOL, MS-Office, Lotus Notes, Mind Manager, IBM System i, CA 2E, CA Plex, XML, Plexml, Turnover, Synon/IM, Hawkeye, Abstract, MS Project, Visio, Sybase, Echolon, Jira, Agile, Scrum, SAP/FI, SOA, RIA, Javascript, Linux, Netbeans, Ajax, CSS, HTML, Windows all, OSX, Apple, Open office, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, …